Top 6 Tourist Attractions in Northern Ireland

A trip to Northern Ireland is guaranteed to be a memorable one. There is plenty to see owing to the combination of exciting cities and scenic rural areas. Our attractions range from historic sites to locations that give deeper insight into the heritage of the region to modern pubs, clubs and restaurants to enjoy. The best way to partake of the top tourist attractions in Northern Ireland is by making a visit and taking one our tours.


One of the most popular attractions is the Titanic Belfast that features rides, displays that visitors can interact with. The enormous structure is next to where the construction of the Titanic took place. The Titanic Belfast is the most unforgettable way to experience the heritage of the Titanic.

St. Patrick Trial

Saint Patrick is a major symbol that people around the word associate with Irish culture. The St. Patrick trail provides a scenic drive through a tour of the counties Down and Armagh during which visitors can delve into the legacy of the patron saint of Ireland.

The Giant’s Causeway

The Giant’s Causeway is famous for its naturally occurring and mesmerising features. The Causeway Coast is a frequently visited tourist site owing to its scenic appearance and picturesque coastline. There are several activities to get involved in and these include the relaxing on the well-endowed beaches and driving through the nearby village of Bushmills famed for its Whiskey brewery. You can even take our Giant’s Causeway tour to see this great attraction in style.

The Glens

The Glens of Antrim provide a charming scene with beautiful lakes and waterfalls that visitors have to see to believe. The Carrickfergus Castle is located 20 minutes away from Belfast and is regarded as among the best preserved historic sites in the country. Both the interior and exterior of the castle can be explored for an unforgettable journey back into medieval times.

North Down

Ards Peninsula guarantees a serene experience along the peninsula that measures 32 kilometers. The Ulster Folk museum enables people to delve back into time and appreciate the story of Irish immigration, hope and courage. Various events take place at different times of the year. The museum provides insight into the lives of people over a century ago with various scenarios having been rebuilt to bring the area back to life.

The Walled City

Another top Northern Ireland tourist attraction that visitors should not miss is the Londonderry. This is one of the places in Ireland classified as being among the most inhabited over a long time. It is rich in heritage and is a historic delight for both tourists and local residents. Northern Ireland is an amazing place to visit with its rich culture, beautiful scenery, vibrant life and landscapes.