Top Northern Ireland Landmarks

Top Northern Ireland Landmarks

Visit the top Northern Ireland Landmarks with Odyssey Coach Tours

Northern Ireland is known for its many historical and modern landmarks. These constitute some of the many reasons that people travel to the area, and often return time after time. If you are planning a trip to Northern Ireland soon, make sure you leave some time to check out these top Northern Ireland landmarks.

Titanic Belfast

Found in the Titanic Quarter just a small walk away from the city centre, the Titanic Belfast is a sight to see in itself. The outside of the building is shaped to resemble the front of the Titanic. You should take a walk inside to view the many galleries and exhibitions. There is even a small mini-car ride called the Shipyard that takes visitors around the exhibits.

Crumlin Road Jail

Known to the locals as the Crum, the Crumlin Road Jail is the oldest prison, and the only Victorian era prison that is still standing, in Northern Ireland. It was home to prisoners for centuries and while it is no longer ‘open for business’, visitors can walk its halls as part of an hour long tour. The tour includes everything from a walk through the tunnel to the condemned man’s cell, to the gravesite where the executed remain buried.

The Giant’s Causeway

The World Heritage Site known as The Giant’s Causeway is shaped by 400,000 interlocking basalt columns that were created after a nearby volcano erupted. The result is columns that are shaped like hexagons with stepping stones that seem to lead out from the cliffs into the sea. The Giants Causeway also features a new visitor’s centre that is an architectural wonder, built into the side of the hill and featuring several split levels of galleries.

Bushmills Whiskey Distillery

The Bushmills Whiskey Distillery has been making whiskey since 1784, with its original licensing dating back to 1608. Today the distillery is still known for producing some of the best whiskey in the land. The guided tour takes about forty minutes and leads guests through the operations of the facility, and offers tasting at the end.

Ulster Museum

Situated in the Belfast Botanic Gardens, which are a fine tourist attraction themselves, the Ulster Museum has everything on display, from fine art to archaeology, zoology, botany and more. The museum was renovated a little over five years ago, and is now an even more stunning place to visit, and to learn about the rich cultural heritage of Northern Ireland.

Belfast Castle

Belfast Castle overlooks the Belfast Lough, but as well as offering its guests a tremendous view, the castle itself is an example of architectural beauty. The trip to the castle is breathtaking, through mixed woodland and parkland. Make sure to stop by the Cave Hill Visitor Centre during your visit and have dinner (or lunch) at the Cellar Restaurant within the castle.