Visit Northern Ireland

Why Everyone should Visit Northern Ireland!

Visit Northern Ireland

For some reason many people don’t immediately think of Northern Ireland as a great place to plan a holiday. European and other tourists often pass by it without a second thought when researching travel ideas. Yet Northern Ireland has a wealth of natural beauty, deep history, and an enticing, fascinating culture. The country has its own very distinct personality that makes it worth visiting. Here are just a few reasons to consider a trip to Northern Ireland if you have never thought about it before.

One of the top reasons to hop on over to Northern Ireland is because it is much more accessible than you probably think. Northern Ireland is actually a part of the UK, which means that if you visit UK destinations such as London, you can easily visit the country without any additional visas, passport issues, etc. Therefore, there is no reason not to consider adding on a day or two to see this magnificent country.

Natural and Man-Made Wonders

The second reason is to see the Giant’s Causeway for yourself up close. This World Heritage Site is a favourite of locals and tourists alike. It’s hard to describe it until you see it for yourself, but it is a memory you will never forget. As a bonus, the Causeway is close to the Bushmills distillery where some of the best whiskey in the world is produced, so why not pop over for a visit afterwards?

Of course, the Titanic is another fantastic reason to visit Belfast in Northern Ireland, given the fact it was built there. You can stand in the middle of the spot it was constructed, or you can visit the Titanic Belfast Centre to really get a sense of this immense project. Plus, who doesn’t want to see a museum shaped like a boat!

NI People

Another reason is because it is known for being a friendly country that is extremely open to tourists. Locals are happy to make tourists feel comfortable and the UN considers Belfast to be the safest city in the UK. This makes it a friendly, enjoyable place to visit.

If you love music, then you must grab a pint or two while in Northern Ireland (which you have to do anyway, because they have the best pubs in the world!) Live music is a large part of the culture in NI, and you will find that during the evenings almost every local pub offers live music. In many local pubs people will join in and sing along. It’s hard to find that type of jolly atmosphere anywhere else as a tourist, and if you join in the locals will likely take you under their wing and treat you as one of their own.


Finally, if you need one more reason to visit Northern Ireland then just think of the castles. Northern Ireland is just covered with castle remains. Some of them are in ruins but many of them are in remarkably good condition, when you consider they are centuries upon centuries old. Game of Thrones was shot at several locations throughout Northern Ireland so you may even recognize some spots…