Visiting Northern Ireland

Visiting Northern ireland

10 things you must do if you are visiting Northern Ireland

Northern Ireland is filled with plenty of natural and man-made attractions that you should check out during a visit to the region. It would be hard to fit in every major stop, but here are ten things that you absolutely have to make room for in your schedule while visiting Northern Ireland.

Giant’s Causeway Tour – The Giant’s Causeway is a naturally formed geological wonder and the new visitor’s centre is an architectural marvel that helps create an attraction you will not forget.

Crumlin Road Goal – This jail turned tourist attraction has a grim history that includes some really spooky paranormal events. Closed since 1996, now you can tour the jail and see the famed site for yourself.

Titanic Belfast Museum – One cannot visit Belfast without stopping in at the Titanic Belfast Museum, complete with an actual replica of the ship and a building front that cleverly resembles the Titanic itself.

Ulster Museum – While in Belfast, make sure to stop by the Ulster Museum. While the outside may look quite historic, the inside is modern and filled with some of the best concept art in the country.

HMS Caroline – History buffs and nautical types will love the chance to tour the HMS Caroline, and see the living conditions that the seamen of World War I had to contend with while defending the country.

City Tour – Actually a collection of sites, an Odyssey Belfast City Tour takes you through  Belfast where ‘The Troubles’ conflict was born and all the main attractions in Belfast city. Today the City is safe and one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe, and the coach trip takes you around Belfast main tourists venues and runs you through the history of this wonderful city

.Old Bushmills Distillery – No visit to Northern Ireland is complete until you have the chance to sample some of the best whiskey in Ireland, straight from the source. The distillery is the oldest legal distillery in the world and offers tours and samples.

Belfast’s Victorian Pubs – If you are still in the mood to drink some fine whiskey, check out the stunning Victorian pubs that dot Belfast. Some of the best spots include the Duke of York, the Crown Liquor Saloon, and the John Hewitt Bar.

Ulster American Folk Park – The Folk Park delves into the similarities between Americans and Ulstermen and features an outdoor museum with living history. It will take over half a day to see the full range of exhibits, but it is worth it.

Mount Stewart House & Gardens – Finally, round out your visit to Northern Ireland with a trip through this stately home that features an equally impressive courtyard and gardens.